Make No Mistake, Private Placements are Risky.

For many years, Wall Street was overwhelmed and fraught with “penny stock” brokerage firms. After overwhelming abuse and tremendous losses to the investing public, the regulatory authorities stepped in and closed the violating firms. Similar abuse has resurfaced in the form of “private placement investments” touted and promoted by firms highlighting the benefits of the private placements to retirees, but failing to provide a fair and balanced presentation of the risks and rewards of the proposed investments.

Have You Suffered Losses Due to Private Placements? Recover Your Losses!

Often times, the wrong-doing doesn’t become clear until the private placement distributions that were touted by the advisor or broker are in doubt and/or some of the companies file bankruptcy. Investors may not realize until it is too late that the investments their broker or advisor assured them would generate reliable retirement income is neither reliable nor generating any income and is worthless. If you were the victim of this sort of situation we may be able to help you recover your losses.

To help us evaluate your chances for a successful recovery for “Private Placements” we offer a free and confidential claim evaluation.