Alternative Investments can Include: NTRs, Variable Annuities & More

Investment recommendations must be consistent with a client’s investment objectives and risk tolerance. Some brokers and advisory firms have recently been sanctioned by regulators for excessive sales of illiquid Alternative Investments, where there is a very limited secondary market. Alternative Investments can include Non-Traded REITs [NTRs], Variable Annuities, Business Development Companies, Oil and Gas Partnerships and other Direct Participation Programs. State and Federal regulators have recently sanctioned many broker-dealers and advisory firms for excessive sales of these ‘Alternative Investments’. Regulators found that these firms failed to reasonably supervise the sales of NTRs, Variable Annuities, Leveraged ETFs, and other products sold to their customers.

Have You Suffered Losses on Alternative Investments? You May Have a Claim for Recovery.

Some of these firms attempt to make ‘remediation offers’ to former and present clients for excessive sales of these ‘Alternative Investments’. If you receive one of these ‘remediation offers’, or have a concentration of these ‘Alternative Investments’, you may have a claim for recovery.

To help us evaluate your chances for a successful recovery for “Alternative Investments” claim we offer a free and confidential claim evaluation.