Howard Rosenfield – An Attorney for Professionals

Howard M. Rosenfield helps investors throughout the United States who have suffered losses due to broker misconduct. He helps investors through arbitration and mediation proceedings in state and federal courts, and in arbitration and mediation proceedings before FINRA (formerly the National Association of Securities Dealers [NASD]), JAMS, and the American Arbitration Association (AAA). With nearly 35 years of experience representing investors with securities fraud issues, Howard M. Rosenfield is more than qualified to handle any professional referrals in his field.

Howard M. Rosenfield provides legal advice to trusts, estates, individuals and others who have been victims of fraud committed by from stockbrokers, brokerage firms, or other financial advisors.

Sharing his expertise, Attorney Rosenfield has participated in and served as Chairman for Bar Association seminars on the Limited Partnership Expedited Arbitration Procedures, for Recovery of Bernie Madoff Ponzi Schemes, and FINRA and NASD proceedings. He also has written a monthly editorial for Senior Life magazine and makes appearances on various television and radio shows including CNBC (formerly the Financial News Network).

Professional Referrals Can Be Made to Howard M. Rosenfield for the Following Services:

Securities Fraud
Stock Fraud
Variable Annuities
Investment Fraud
Ponzi Schemes
Financial Abuse of the Elderly
Financial Advisor/Broker Wrongdoing
Securities Arbitration
Stock Broker Arbitration

Howard’s legal counsel is available not only to his clients but to other attorneys as well. If you are an attorney and looking for assistance with your clients’ securities law matter, contact the Law Offices of Howard Rosenfield today. We take pride in our work with other lawyers to achieve the common goal of recovering our clients’ losses. By hiring our experienced attorneys to assist with your client’s case, you are providing a great service to your clients’ financial well-being.

Lawyers and many other professionals have trusted Howard M. Rosenfield to handle their case:

• Estate Attorneys
• Business Litigation Attorneys
• CPAs
• Financial Advisors
• Financial Planners

If you have a case that you would like to Co-Counsel or refer to the Law Offices of Howard Rosenfield, please call (860) 677-4334 today.