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Case Results

Teachers Recover Stolen ‘Private Investment’ Monies

Our office represented three teachers who invested hundreds of thousands in ‘private securities transactions’ that turned out to have been stolen by their financial advisor; a crooked annuity salesman recommended by the local Board of Education. We entered into a confidential settlement with the salesman’s brokerage firm and the teachers recovered a very significant portion of their private investments with the annuity salesman. (Selling Away, Private Securities Transactions)

Investors Recover Monies for Misrepresented Gold Stock Investments

Our office represented investors who lost thousands in misrepresented gold and hard asset investments. After determining that the salesmen of the broker-dealer were not registered as agents in Connecticut, a confidential settlement was achieved for our investors. (Misrepresentation)

Hundreds of Tax Shelter Investors Recovered Monies Invested in Deceptively Marketed Cable Television Investments

Our office represented hundreds of investors who invested in cable television systems whose tax benefits were overstated. They were able to recover much of their lost tax benefits. (Private Placements)

Prudential Limited Partners Recover Limited Partnership Investments

The Law Offices of Howard M. Rosenfield assisted hundreds of investors in recovering limited partnership losses. Through misrepresentations, fraud, and negligence by Prudential and their Prudential financial advisors our clients had invested in what were sold as income investments. (Private Placements)

Micro Cap Investor Recovers Retirement Portfolio Lost by Boiler Room

Attorney Howard M. Rosenfield recovered the retirement portfolio of an elderly retired toolmaker which had been lost by unscrupulous boiler room salesmen. (Pump and Dump Schemes)

Retirement Account Losses Generated by Excessive Trading Recovered

Attorney Howard M. Rosenfield recovered losses to an investor’s portfolio due to churning and excessive trading of an IRA account. (Churning)

Commodity Trading Losses Recovered

Attorney Howard M. Rosenfield recovered commodity trading portfolio losses through National Futures Association (NFA) Mediation. (Alternative Investments)

Unsuitable Options Activity Losses Recovered

Our office was successful in recovering losses suffered through reckless options trading by the financial advisor of a nationally known brokerage firm. (Quantitative Suitability)

Affinity Fraud Losses Recovered

Attorney Howard M. Rosenfield was able to obtain an award in judgment against Chief Compliance Officers and a Russian financial advisor who lured other Russians via an affinity group into fraudulent stock issues. (Pump and Dump Schemes)

Law Office of Howard M. Rosenfield Recovers Losses Suffered by CEO of Modeling Agency

Attorney Howard M. Rosenfield was successful in obtaining a recovery of retirement portfolio for sophisticated former CEO of Modeling Agency from a large brokerage firm. (Elder Fraud)

Attorney Howard M. Rosenfield Obtains Recovery for Lyme Disease Victims

Our office obtained needed medical treatment and a financial recovery due a victim of Lyme Disease from the health insurance companies that refused to cover medically necessary treatment for a victim of chronic Lyme Disease.

Our Office Obtains ERISA Deferred Compensation Benefits for Financial Advisor

Attorney Howard M. Rosenfield obtained vested pension benefits for an Associated Person when the broker-dealer tried to claim the benefits had been forfeited when the advisor changed firms.

Fixed Annuity Policy Benefits and Taxes Recovered

Our office instituted Court litigation and obtained a recovery of excessive taxes paid due to the overconcentration of discrete fixed annuity policies sold to the decedent. (Misrepresentations)

Recovery Obtained for Ponzi Scheme

Attorney Howard M. Rosenfield obtained a recovery for an investment that was later revealed to be a Ponzi Scheme sold by a brokerage firm. (Failure to Supervise)

Recovery Obtained for “Commission Free” Trading

Our office obtained a recovery for dozens of investors from a ‘Discount’ brokerage firm that claimed it changed no commissions when in fact they changed all the customers’ large “mark-ups”. (Misrepresentations)

Class Action Recovery Obtained for Union Members Against Association

Attorney Howard M. Rosenfield participated in a class action recovery for Union Members against a trade association for undisclosed fees charged by the ‘Advisor’. (Self-Dealing)

Recovery Obtained by Howard M. Rosenfield Against Variable Annuity Salesmen

Attorney Howard M. Rosenfield obtained a recovery against the annuity salesman and his firm for misrepresentation in an investor profile in connection with variable annuity sales and exchanges. (Variable Annuities)

Recovery Obtained for Selling Away of Promissory Notes of Mad Martha’s Ice Cream

Attorney Howard M. Rosenfield obtained an award for clients who were sold Promissory Notes sold by a representative that were not approved by his brokerage firm. (Selling Away)

Recovery Obtained for Dutch Investor for Fraudulent Promissory Notes

Attorney Howard M. Rosenfield represented and obtained a recovery plus punitive damages for a foreign investor who was sold bogus debt investments by a U.S. broker-dealer. (Pump and Dump Schemes)

HYIP Notes Turned Out to be Near Worthless

Attorney Howard M. Rosenfield represented an investor who was a principal in a brokerage firm in what turned out to be worthless collateral that was to have secured a high yield trading [HYIP] program. (Alternative Investments)

NY Real Estate Investor Recovers for Portfolio Over-Concentration in Preferred Shares

Preferred shares should not always be the preference of your financial advisor for your portfolio. Preferred shares often are the worst of both worlds; lack of appreciation, and insufficient yield. Real estate investor clients are often completely unsophisticated in stocks and bonds. (Failure to Diversify, Over concentration)

Switching Mutual Fund B Shares May Not Make the Grade for Most Mutual Fund Investors

My office represented a widow whose advisor recommended frequent switches of class B shares. While the sales load in ‘B’ shares is not assessed upfront, high expenses and back end fees made the switching of B shares completely unsuitable for the widow and we recovered much of the portfolio sales charges. (Mutual Fund Switching)

Private Placement Pawn Shop Investment Recovery

My office represented investors in a private placement where funds were diverted from operating pawn shops. The advisor recklessly recommended that IRA rollover money be invested in the high risk private placement. (Private Placements)

Equity Indexed Annuity Rider Investor Obtains a Recovery

My office represented an investor in an annuity where it was almost impossible to calculate the amount my client could withdraw without jeopardizing the guarantees and riders sold with the annuity. (Variable Annuities)

Tech Company Entrepreneurs Recover Margin Charges

My office represented entrepreneurs who had counted on the stock options they had received when they left their tech companies. Recovery was obtained for the negligent advice to pledge these exercised option shares to collateralize improper trading activity. (Margin Account Abuse)

Air Force Veteran Recovers for Improper Sales Practices

My office represented a retired Air Force pilot for misconduct related to unsuitable shares recommended for his IRA portfolio. (Elder Fraud)

Retiree Recovers from Stockbroker Working in Credit Union

My office represented a retired Pfizer janitor who was solicited to invest in unsuitable real estate and other investments, from a broker working out of a credit union office. (Elder Fraud)

Retired Chiropractor Recovers from President of a Pump-And-Dump Boiler Room

My office received a recovery from the former President of a boiler room despite their claims of no assets. (Pump and Dump Schemes)

Manufacturer Obtains Restitution for the Sale of Bogus Trade Receivable Financial Product

My office represented the owner of a household goods manufacturer. We were able to recover monies paid for what was a bogus financial product sold by representatives of a reputable financial firm. (Misrepresentations)

Recovery from Affiliate of a Religious Fraternal Organization

My office represented investors in annuities and life insurance sold by representatives of an affiliate of a religious fraternal organization. The agent completely misrepresented the benefits and penalties that could result from the Insurance and Variable Annuity investments recommended by the agent who was a former priest. (Misrepresentations)

A Signature of the Widow was Negligently Imitated by Representatives

My office represented a widow who believed that a number of checks written to her representative contained a signature that was not hers. Out office was able to achieve a recovery from the errors and omissions insurance company by demonstrating that the representative was quite sloppy when he tried to imitate the client’s signature!!! (Unauthorized Trading)

Negative Amortization Mortgage Completely Unsuitable for a Senior

My office and another law firm obtained a recovery for a widow whose investment advisor recommended that she take out a high negative amortization mortgage, and invested the proceeds in high commission products. When the balloon mortgage became due five years later, the widow’s home was foreclosed. (Suitability)

Former Police Officer Obtains Partial Recover in Commodities Ponzi Scheme

My office represented a former police officer who was solicited for a commodities investment program that turned out to be a Ponzi Scheme. By demonstrating that the clearing firms did not properly insure that the firms met the ‘Know Your Customer’ rules, our office was able to obtain a significant recovery of the Ponzi Scheme losses. (Ponzi Scheme)

Recovery Obtained for Marcus DeBaise Investors

Our office represented a number of local investors who were advised to concentrate their retirement investments in risky Canadian oil and gas companies. (Concentration in Oil & Gas)

Recovery for Investors Defrauded in ‘Cherry Picking’ Securities Scam

Our office represented an older investor in Middlecove Capital whose portfolio was scammed by leveraged ETF trades. As in ‘cherry picking’ if the advisor liked the trade and it was successful, the profits went into the advisors pocket, if unsuccessful, the customers, like my clients, suffered the losses. We were able to obtain a significant investment recovery for my client. (Leveraged ETFs)

Life Settlement Investor Recovers for Viatical and Variable Annuity Sales

Our office achieved a recovery in mediation for Improper Sales Practices in connection with Variable Annuity switches and life settlements. (Alternative Investments)

Elderly Structured CD Investor Obtains Recovery

My office represented an elderly CD investor who was improperly advised to invest in structured CDs. When he was required to send the IRS the monies required for minimum required distributions [RMD] for his IRA account, he was forced to sell the structured CDs just recently sold to him. He was able to recover monies lost as a result of the improper recommendations. (Alternative Investments)

Senior Notes Sold to Retiree Were Not ‘Senior’

Our office represented a retiree who was sold a high yield senior note of an off-shore drilling company just prior to its filing bankruptcy. It turned out that the ‘Senior’ Note was actually junior to other debt of the company. (Misrepresentations)

Excessive Margin Charges Rescinded

Our office represented customers of a national broker-dealer and obtained rescission of a large debit balance for an insurance-licensed representative. (Margin Account Abuse)

Microcap Shares Investment Recovery

Our office represented investors against D.H. Blair, and recovered portfolio losses from the improper recommendations of microcap stocks in a retirement portfolio. (Pump and Dump Schemes)

Recovery for Promissory Notes Arising from an Advisor’s Outside Business Activity

Our office recovered monies from a brokerage firm from branch office manager’s selling notes away from his brokerage firm [selling away]. (Promissory Notes)

Retired Army General’s Estate Recovery from MetLife

Our office represented the Estate of an Army General who relied on one of his former lieutenants for estate planning advice involving a series of fixed annuity investments. (Failure to Diversify, Over concentration)

Mad Martha’s Promissory Note Investment Recovery

Our office represented investors in private securities transactions for this famous Martha’s Vineyard establishment. (Promissory Notes)

Lay Minister Recovers Monies Lost Through Fraud and Misrepresentation

Our office represented a lay minister who received a FINRA arbitration award after he relied on a cold caller touting manipulated shares. (Pump and Dump Schemes)

Retired Secretary Recovers Monies Invested in Phone Scam

The Law Office of Howard M. Rosenfield recovered a significant portion of monies invested in a national digital phone scam. (Misrepresentation)

Vietnam Veteran Recovers Monies Entrusted to Investment Advisor

Our office received an Arbitration Award representing a Vietnam veteran living in Southeast Asia arising from improper trading by a trusted advisor. (Breach of Fiduciary Duty)

Florida Man Recovers Options Losses from Nationally Known Financial Services Firm

Our office obtained a recovery of monies lost through options strategies by a registered representative of a major firm in violation of the ‘Know Your Customer’ rule. (Suitability)

Estate Recovers Value of Small Cap Restricted Shares

Our office achieved a recovery in Arbitration for the Estate which held shares which should have been sold when they became freely transferrable. (Failure to Follow Instructions)

Arbitration Award for Top Producer Against Financial Services Firm for Deferred Compensation

Our office represented a top producer against his former brokerage firm and won an award of Top Hat ERISA compensation.

Principals of Bus Company Recover Losses from Churning

Our office represented the owners of a school bus company whose accounts were excessively traded for commissions and fees. (Churning)

Class-Action Recovery for Client

Our office represented a lead plaintiff in a class action against a company whose shares were manipulated.

UNUM Disability Benefits Recovered

Our offices recovered back benefits and coverage for long term disability benefits in Federal Court.

Mother Recovers Retirement Portfolio Losses Caused by Son

Our office represented the elderly mother of a branch office manager that excessively traded his mother’s account. (Breach of Fiduciary Duty)

Quick Lube Investors Recover Investments

Our office represented more than a dozen investors in a limited partnership related to instant oil change franchises. (Private Placements)

Horse Racing Breeding Program Investment Recovery

Our office represented a number of investors sold limited partnership interests in a horse breeding program sold by a brokerage firm that failed to complete their due diligence regarding the investment. (Private Placements)

‘Sophisticated’ Former NYSE V.P. Recovers Investments

Our office represented a former NYSE V.P. in connection with the recovery of the investments misrepresented to him. Investment recoveries are possible despite a financial firm’s defense that the customer is ‘sophisticated’. (Alternative Investments)

Russian Immigrant Recovers Despite Reliance on Affinity Fraud Representative

Our office represented a Russian Immigrant who received an NASD Arbitration award against a broker-dealer and its compliance officers for failure to supervise the activities of its representative. (Failure to Supervise)

Chinese Immigrant Recovers for Misrepresentation

A Chinese restaurant owner received a FINRA Arbitration Award against a brokerage firm where the representative had not registered as an Associated Person in the state of Connecticut. (Pump and Dump Schemes)

Widow Recovers Losses Against National Firm

Our office represented a widow who lost much of her retirement portfolio through excessive trading. (Churning)

Single Mom Lawyers Recover Losses Suffered as a Result of Improper Sales Practices

Our offices represented two single mom lawyers who were able to recover losses caused by Improper Sales Practices including the recommendations of unsuitable securities investments for their portfolios. (Suitability)

Doctor Recovers IRA Losses in Tech Sector

Our office represented a physician who lost retirement monies as a result of an improper concentration of his retirement portfolio in speculative shares. (Overconcentration)

Disabled Former NYC Police Officer Obtains Restitution

Our office represented a disabled police officer who recovered monies lost when he trusted a representative that misappropriated monies awarded from when the police officer was shot on duty. (Securities Fraud)

Microsoft Employees Achieve Investment Recoveries

Our office represented a number of Microsoft employees who relied on the negligent advice of their Merrill Lynch representative in leveraging their portfolios collateralized by their appreciated Microsoft stock and options. (Overconcentration)

McDonald’s Heir Achieves Recovery of Unauthorized Transactions

Our office obtained a recovery of monies lost through transaction not authorized by the customer. (Unauthorized Trading)

Recovery of Losses Suffered Through Power of Attorney [POA] Given to Brother

Our office represented a divorcee who relied on her brother to invest the proceeds of her divorce settlement. It was uncovered that the brother conspired with a financial advisor to excessively trade the portfolio. (Self-Dealing)

Phone Company Retirees Recover Churning Losses

Our office represented a number of retirees from a Connecticut and Massachusetts phone company that recovered monies from a national financial services firm whose representative regularly excessively traded the retirement accounts under the advisor’s management. (Churning)

Dentist Recovers Retirement Portfolio Losses

Our office represented a number of dental professionals who were able to achieve a recovery of losses in their retirement portfolios. (IRA Abuse)

Attorneys Achieve Investment Recovery

Our office represented a number of lawyers who were able to achieve a significant investment recovery. An attorney whose experience is in personal injury or divorce does not necessarily imply financial sophistication, and busy professionals have the right to rely upon their advisors. (Suitability)

Founder of Company Recovers for Negligent Sales Practices by Investment Firm

Our office settled a claim in FINRA Mediation against a national firm for their failure to follow their customer’s instruction and for the sale of the company’s founder’s shares. (Failure to Follow Instructions)

Actress Recovers Investment Portfolio Losses

Our office represented an actress living in France in connection with the losses suffered by her reliance on her financial advisor. (Breach of Fiduciary Duty)

Retired Teacher Recovers Investment Losses

Our office represented a retired teacher in connection with the losses suffered by her reliance on her financial advisor. (Misrepresentation)

Squandered Personal Injury Settlement Losses Recovered

Our office represented the recipient of a settlement of a serious motorcycle injury whose recovery was squandered by a financial advisor. Our client had become addicted to Opioid pain medication and had been taken advantage of by this unscrupulous representative. (Self-Dealing)

Church Achieves Recovery Against National Firm

Our office represented a church and recovered losses caused by negligent investment of the Building Fund Assets by the national broker dealer. (Suitability)

Former CEO Recovers for Improper Sales Practices in the Sale of a CDO

Our office represented a former executive of an insurance company who was sold a CDO investment without full disclosure of the risks of the investment. (Alternative Investments)

Newscaster Recovers Retirement Account Losses

Our office represented a former television news anchor in connection with reckless recommendations made for his retirement portfolio by his financial advisor. (IRA Abuse)

Expatriat Recovers Investment Losses

Our office represented an expat Madrid tour guide in connection with improper sales practices by her Bear Stearns representative. (Misrepresentation)

Ponzi Scheme Victims Able to Recover Losses

Our office represented a number of investors in a debenture investment sold through broker-dealers. The brokerage firms never completed due diligence; had they done so, they would have not sold the investment to their customers. (Ponzi Scheme)

CPA Firm Recovers Losses on Private Placement

Our office represented a CPA firm, and achieved a recovery of a portion of the proceeds invested by the CPA Firm in a private placement. (Private Placement)

Reserve Convertible Losses Recovered in Retirement Portfolios

Our office obtained a recovery for losses suffered by the reckless recommendation of reverse convertible investments in the retirement portfolios of its customers. These losses arose from the recommendations of structured products such as Reverse Convertibles, which are unsuitable for most retirement portfolios. (Alternative Investments)

QDRO Losses Recovered

Our office recovered losses arising from the failure of the representative to update the customer profile including investment objectives and risk tolerance. The update should have taken place when a portion of the doctor’s portfolio was transferred to the now single mom in a divorce settlement. (Breach of Fiduciary Duty)

Bank Investment Branch CD / Mutual Fund Recovery

Our office achieved a recovery of losses due to the improper recommendation of the purchase of mutual funds for a CD investor. (Suitability)

Settlement in Closed End and UIT Claims

Our office represented a retired physician whose portfolios consisting of primarily closed-end funds and Unit Investment Trusts that were improperly and excessively traded. (Alternative Investments)

Ex-Wife Recovers for Excessive Account Activity

Our office represented the spouse of a wealthy real estate developer. The ex-husband apparently wanted to benefit his financial advisor friend and allowed unauthorized and excessive trading for many years in the family’s accounts. (Churning)

Hedge Fund Investors Obtain Madoff Recovery

Our office represented hedge fund investors who relied upon their financial advisors due diligence in their recommendation of fund investments, some of which were given to Bernie Madoff and Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities. Our office achieved a recovery of that portion of the investment losses. (Misrepresentation)

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Client Reviews
Howard Rosenfield is truly a life saver. After months of working with my financial advisor, I found out he was making risky investments without my knowledge. When I discovered how much money I lost, I thought there was nothing I could do. Howard explained all the difficult terms and what exactly my financial advisor did wrong. If it wasn't for Howard, I would never have recovered my losses and would be under extreme financial distress to this day. J.
Howard’s experience and advice throughout this ordeal was invaluable and reassuring. The law in general is complicated, difficult to understand and very personal. Financial misappropriation is even more personal but Howard’s years of experience and calm demeanor helped keep me calm, focused and moving forward. For anyone in need of a knowledgeable and experienced Investment Recovery Attorney I strongly recommend Howard. Laura
I was filled with anxiety and stress when I selected Attorney Howard Rosenfield to represent me. Instantaneously, I felt comfortable and at ease. Attorney Rosenfield listens attentively to the facts and asks questions and competently reiterates and verifies the accuracy and completeness of my statements. Perseverance, trustworthy and superb legal and communication skills mark Attorney Rosenfield to be one of the best in his field of law. Helen